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Wound Credentialing - Pre-Register today

Wound Innovations Clinical Services: Open for public referrals

The Wound Management Innovation CRC, together with Industry Partners have developed a specialised platform dedicated to streamlining the credentialing process. Pre-Register and find out more information here:

Wound Innovations is  Australia's premier private facility dedicated to improving wound outcomes for all Australians through expert wound treatments, telehealth, education and translational research. We offer a holistic service for patients, their carers and clinicians to improve wound outcomes. We also offer training for health professionals to give them the latest, evidence-based treatment methods and approaches for wound management. To find out if you are eligible for this service:

Location: Ground Floor, Boundary Court, 55 Little Edward St Spring Hill QLD 4000
Phone: 1300 Wounds (1300 968 637)



The Wound CRC's organsiations Diabetic Foot Australia and Wound Innovations are excited to announce that the world’s revered wound guru, Prof Keith Harding (Wales UK) is heading to Australia in February and will headline both our events - What’s New in DFU on the 20th and Combating Complex Wounds on the 28th.




To purchase tickets for 'Combating Complex Wounds':


  1. Go to: https:/
  2. Click 'tickets' and click 'enter promotional code' on the pop-up (the link is above the ticket quantity box)
  3. Enter the code WNDFU-10%WI and click 'apply code'


To purchase tickets for 'What's New in DFU':


  1. Go to:
  2. Scroll to 'reserve your seat' and enter your ticket quantity, then click 'register now'
  3. Enter your details then click 'proceed to payment'
  4. Enter the code WNDFU-10%WI at the ''Submit Promotion Code' box
Brisbane Wound GRAND SLAM - DFA and Wound Innovations events February 2018 feat Prof Keith Harding Wales UK